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Healthcare: Domestic:
01. R.L.Jalappa Hospital & Research, Kolar. – 1000 bed
02. Sparsh Hospital, Health City, B'lore. – 200 bed
03. Sparsh Hospital, Infantry Road, B'lore. – 150 bed
04. Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Hospital, B'lore. – 200 bed
05. Basaweshwara Teaching & General Hospital, Gulbarga – 750 bed
06. Sangameshwara Hospital, Gulbarga. – 250 bed
07. Dr. Sita Bhateja Specialty Hospital, B'lore. – 100 bed
08. K.R. Hospital, B'lore. – 100 bed
09. Chaitanya Hospital, B'lore. – 100 bed
10. Sakaraia Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., B'lore. - 60 bed
11. Sanjeevini Hospital Pvt. Ltd., B'lore. - 100 bed
12. Sri Raghvendra Hospital, B'lore. – 100 bed
13. Sri Sai Hospital, K.R. Road, B'lore. – 60 bed
14. Sri Sai Hospital, BTM Layout, B'lore. - 60 bed
15. Sri Ranga Hospital & Diabetic centre, Tiruchi, Tamilnadu. - 40 bed
16. Bharath Nusing Home, B'lore. 40 bed
17. Tele Rad RXDX, B'lore.
18. Raghav’s Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., B'lore.
19. Magnus Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., B'lore.
20. Central Lab, B'lore.
21. Samarth Clinical Laboratory, B'lore.
22. Sri Sai Medical Specialist, B'lore.
23. Delta Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., B'lore.
24. Tathagat Heartcare Center, B'lore.
25. Nova Scans Pvt. Ltd., B'lore.
26. Royal Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., B'lore.

International Healthcare

01. Norvik Hospital & Research Center, Uganda – 50 bed

Banking & Finance

01. The Bharath Co-Operative Bank Ltd, B'lore.
02. The Karnataka State Co-Operative Agriculture & Rural Development Bank, B'lore.
03. The Ballary D.C.C Bank Ltd., Hospet.
04. Sri Vijayalakshmi Urban Souhrda Co-Operative Ltd., Dharawad.
05. Sri Nagara Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd., B'lore.
06. Creative Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd., B'lore.
07. The Millennium Credit Co-Operative Socirty Ltd., B'lore.
08. Manjunatha Souharda Credit Co-Op socity Ltd., B'lore.
09. Ravikiran Souhardha Credit Co-Operative Ltd., B'lore.
10. Al-Ahmer Minority Credit Co-Op., Society Ltd., B'lore.
11. Teachers Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd., Dharawad.
12. Bharath Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd., B'lore.
13. Gubbi Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd, B'lore.
14. BEL Employees Credit Co-Op Society Ltd., B'lore.
15. B.B.R & R.DCC Bank Employees co-op society Ltd., B’lore.

Educational Institutions

01. Sri Devaraj Urs University, Kolar.
02. Sri DevaraJ  Urs Medical College, Kolar.
03. Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, Gulbarga.
04. R.L.Jalappa Institute of Technology, Doddaballapur.
05. Bharath Education Society. B’lore.

Client Testimonials

+ 1. Client: SPARSH (Shiva & Shiva Orthopedic Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,), Bangalore
- Dr. Sharan S Patil, Chairman

I am happy and contented with Softbee’s deliverables in our hospital. The support that Softbee offers is dependable and significant. They understand our medical profession very well and offer solutions without much delay.

We are using “SOFTcare” HIMS – ERP for the last two to three years and I have found the company is honest and we have at no point of time experienced any inconvenience. The company is very co-operative with our staff and makes them understand on each level.

Wish Team Softbee good luck in all future endeavors.

+ 2. Client: Sanjeevini Hospital Bangalore - Dr. Subash, MD

I have been using Softbee’s services since the year 2003, and I am very pleased with their support, service and of course the HIMS software product “SOFTcare”. They are understanding and have good knowledge about the day-to-day practical issues in our profession, hence provide quick and uncomplicated solutions.

They are very reliable and we get better product, service and support at a reasonable cost. The software is very user-friendly and I don’t have to depend on Softbee for all changes which I constantly require. The master parameterization is very simple and I can position the software according to my need. I can keep a very good track on all the transaction which happens in absence of me.

+ 3. Client: K R Hospital, Bangalore - Mahesh, COO

We are very pleased with the overall outcomes and abilities of the HIMS software “SOFTcare”, that is offered by SOFTbee.  The software is very user-friendly and user-independent. We can use the complete software without any major help from the software vendor. Any new employee of ours can easily adapt to the system without major effort.

We have been using services from SOFTbee, since the year 2003-04 and SOFTbee has always been very responsive with their support and answering to any clarifications with out any delay.

Overall, we have been very happy with the software and its functionalities in our facility. It truly helps us in taking timely decisions pertaining to hospital administration.

+ 4. Client: R.L. Jalappa Hospital & Research Center, Tamaka, Kolar - Dr. Borappa, MS

The software supplied and implemented by Softbee at our Medical Teaching Hospital is satisfactory and it has all required features as per MCI norms. We are happy with the support function of Softbee and one can depend on them. Softbee is associated with us for the last four to five years.

+ 5. Client: Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Hospital - Mr. Prakash, Finance Director

The software is functioning at our hospital, since four to five years, we have not experienced any hassle with the company Softbee. The software is capable of giving the required financial reports that are essential to run the hospital and the reports are accurate and timely. We are able to take critical timely decisions on the administration front based on reports that are provided by “SOFTcare”. We have found the company Softbee is realistic in their approach and understands us well.

+ 6. Client: Dr. Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital, Bangalore - Dr. Arvind Bhateja MS

The software company Softbee understands us well and provides the required solution, hence trustworthy. I am using their HIMS software for the last four years and happy with their operations.

+ 7. Client: Raghav’s Diagnostics and Research Center, Bangalore - Mr. Narasimhan

Softbee’s software products are affordable and we rest assured that we don’t have to look for alternative solution from any other service provider. We are using their software solution for more than five years and are undoubtedly assured of good support & service.

+ 8. Client: Samarth Clinical Laboratory - Dr. Madhukar, MD

I am happy with Softbee’s software solution and I am using their application for more than six years and I get support on time without any delay.